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Remas factory for detergent and disinfectants considered of the leading companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the detergents & disinfectants manufacturing industry according to the specifications and standards that are globally adopted. It has a diverse collection of products while upholding high quality and standards because of their dependence on highly certified experts in the field of detergents with a long history of experience in the field. Remas factory also incorporates the latest equipment and industrial machinery in its processing and production lines. In addition, the factory pays a great deal of importance to scientific research and industrial development in order to keep up with the latest global technological developments in the field of detergents and disinfectants manufacturing with its existing laboratories. Remas factory seeks to achieve consumer ambitions to access high quality products at competitive prices.

  • Detergents & Disinfectants Manufacturing
  • High Quality
  • Scientific Research
  • Great Deal
  • Globally Adopted
  • Competitive Prices

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Who We Are

Who We Are
Remas factory for detergents and disinfectants, our products consider the best (quality/price) for all kinds of home detergents and disinfectants and for animal's farms disinfectants that give the absolute care for human body and animals.
Our Vision
Our vision always to be the best in our work and to arrive to every house and company and farm in our country and in the middle east and also to go over sea to all the world.
Our Mission
Our mission depends on our dreams to do everything in science and manufacturing to make the better products of detergents and disinfectants in the world and to get more productivity and efficiency by depend a work plane make the efficiency, quality and delivery very high to take the lower cost.